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for more than 2000 years.

3 Kings Magi Liqueur is made from premium Eau de Vie illuminated with 24k GOLD and infused with real FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH. Like all great mysteries across time, the full recipe is a secret of fragrant alchemy.

The Perfect Gift Arrives in time for the Holidays, 2021.

Flavor Profile:

3 Kings Magi Liqueur tastes like Christmas. Rich tones of resin and floral incense dance like frosting on Christmas cookies with a gentle hint of caramel and Meyer lemon zest.

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Rare and precious, GOLD has been a storehouse of wealth since the dawn of time. Tradition suggests that the gift of GOLD was presented by Melchoir — the wise man from Persia.

The shimmering flakes in 3 Kings Magi Liqueur are real, 24k edible GOLD.

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FRANKINCENSE was prized in the ancient world for its fragrance. It was often burned as incense in palaces and holy places. Tradition suggests that FRANKINCENSE was the gift of Caspar. Some say he was from India, others say Ethiopia.

3 Kings Magi Liqueur contains pure distilled FRANKINCENSE.


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Myrrh has been used medicinally and as an anointing oil for thousands of years. Tradition suggests that the gift of MYRRH was presented by Balthazar — the wise man of Babylon or Arabia.

3 Kings Magi Liqueur contains the essence of pure MYRRH.


Why 3 Kings Magi Liqueur is Special.

The Gift of Knowledge.

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